Our shared interest of understanting mental ‘disorder’ as part of our environment – but outside of normative structures – fuels our discussions around a playfull curiosity, an interest for and acceptance of the other, the unknown and strange, the loss of control and the imbalanced and motivates our wish to communicate the experiences brought about by those discussions.

The idea for the residency was to start by setting a scenario - context - of our collaboration in a work space environment. The four of us work around the same thematics in different ways and already collaborate together by sharing our thoughts, readings, and references on the topic. Our common interest of understanding mental disorder as part of our environment, but as being placed outside of normative structures, fuels our discourse on the importance of playfully fostering curiosity, interest and acceptance towards the other, the unknown, the strange, the loss of control, the imbalanced. The residency at Raum Station as a physical and temporal space gave us the possibility to expand and condense our own artistic practice and research while placing our works in a constructive dialogue with each other, as well as opening the space to the public for communication, lectures, screenings, etc

To open the dialoge on Mental Health and it’s manifestations and effects in society to a larger audience, we invited different artists, writers, or thinkers every week to do an intervention in the work setting of our summer residency, slowly growing the space into an expanded visible examination, while fostering an exchange trough different layers of thoughts and geographical context, trying to understand poetical as well as socio-political relevance, impact and development of this topic.

DisOrder was a collective collaboration consisting of artists and curators based between Zurich and Geneva whose members were Adrian Huber, Melanie Akeret, Mohamed Almusibli and Yael Wicki. The aim was to collaboratively engage in different aspects of mental health and the function of emotions through a juxtaposition of theoretical and materialised research. DisOrder has been chosen to take part of the 2016 summer residency of the art space Raum Station in Zurich, taking place from the 3rd of August until the 18th of September 2016.